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Cinderella Castle Silver

This is a 12" Oil Burning white unity candle. The unity candle has
a 6"tube in the center to be filled with lamp oil ( liquid paraffin oil).
The fiberglass wick that is in the tube is what burns and not the candle.
When the candle is lit it glows through the cuts, curls and behind the figurines.
The candle can be relit many times and does not damage the candle.
The candle are cut to fit most candle holders, but you really do not need one.
They will look perfect with just a low set of taper candle holders.
The candle has a white castle with silver turrets and steps,many white flowers,
white braid.and pearls around the carved inset shelf.
This castle is 4 1/2 inches high.

Price: $69.95 WhiteCroundST.

Oil is included with your candle order

Prices include shipping, insurance, and tracking. No international sales or shipping.

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