Cinderella Slipper Unity Candle Set  :   Cinderella Slipper Unity Candle lit
9 Inch Cinderella Slipper Unity Candle Set

This is a 9" unity candle set. This is a complete unity candle set
with unity candle,tapers, oil, holders, and unity candle plate included.

Candle burns with liquid wax paraffin oil,and has a battery operated LED light in the bottom.
The batteries can be changed. This makes it a permanent candle, that can be burned as many times as you want
and never harm the candle (as long as direction are followed).

This candle is a nine inch hand carved with a Cinderella Slipper.
The Cinderella Slipper sets on a shelf with faux rhinedtones trim. There is no actual rhinestone
but it gives the look of rhinestones and does glitter and shine.
The taper candles has a rhinestone heart on each one.

The candle glows thru the cuts and curls with candle light or LED light or both.

A Perfect Cinderella theme wedding addition to your special day and lifetime keepsake

Special price: $69.95 9 inch Slipper Candle set.

Oil is included

Prices include shipping, insurance, and tracking. No international sales or shipping.

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