9 Inch Gecko Wedding with Picture Holder Unity Candle Set

This is a 9" Oil Burning unity candle set.

 This is a complete unity candle set with unity candle, tapers, oil, holders, and unity candle plate included.

These candles are cut and curled in beautiful effect.
Candle burns with liquid wax paraffin oil, and has a battery operated LED light in the bottom.
The battery can be changed. This makes it a permanent candle, that can be burned as many times as you want
and never harm the candle (as long as directions are followed).

This candle is a nine inch hand carved candle with Gecko figurine.
The gecko is holding a 2" x 3" plastic picture holder.
You can put your picture in holder.

A unique Gecko (Geico) wedding theme addition to your special day and lifetime keepsake.
Can also be Florida Alligator theme or Alien theme. 

Special price: $59.95 9 inch set includes FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 states.

Oil is included

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