What's an Oil-Burning Candle?

These candles are unique in the fact that they burn liquid paraffin oil. This means that your hand-carved candle will not melt away. You simply fill the reservoir in the center of the candle, light and adjust the wick and you're ready to enjoy! The oil reservoir in the candle's center also means that your candle will glow behind the design where it has been cut, making it beautiful to burn! Giving a candle is giving a gift that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Where do I Get the Oil?

Fortunately,smokeless candle oil is very easy to find. We recommend an oil like Lamplight Farms smokeless candle oil which can be bought at most major department stores. The scented variety of candle oil can also be found at certain craft stores and on the web. RayFlam (www.rayflam.com) makes an oil that is scented and works well in our candles.

Don't They Melt?

Our candles won't melt as long as you follow the simple burning instructions included with you candle. You can also find them here on the web site. The candle is fueled by the candle oil that is poured into the reservoir in the interior of the candle. The wick does not touch the wax and the heat of the flame stays far enough away from the candle that no damage is done. We caution you, however not to burn the candle in a breezy area or in the outdoors, unless special precautions are taken.

What about replacement wicks/wick-holders?

As long as you keep oil in the reservoir of your candle when lit you shouldn't have to replace the wick.

Care should be taken with the wick holder. Since it is made of glass and can be shattered. If you need a replacement we will be glad to supply you with as many as you need for $4.00 per wick assembly plus shipping. For a replacement wick please email us or call us.

What are the Candles Made of?

Our candles are hand dipped in paraffin wax. The entire candle is made from paraffin and then dipped in a final coat of glaze, giving them a shine that looks a lot like ceramic glaze or glass. The interior of the candle holds a plastic reservoir that is filled with oil. This tube is topped with a glass wick holder on which the actual flame sits.

How Long does it Take to Make One?

The time to make one candle is about an hour, including drying time. The dipping process takes from five to ten minutes. The carving and embedding of objects must be done within a short amount of time in order that the candle does not harden, usually within fifteen minutes. The candle then must sit and dry for about thirty minutes.
The time it takes to make a candle for an order depends on the time of year, how busy we are, and other conditions. For a current estimate on the creation time email us

Do the Candles Ship Well?

Yes.We do a lot of shipping of our candles. Our safe shipment rate has been outstanding. We use UPS for most orders and have found them to be very efficient at getting the candles to our customers' doors safely and quickly. All products are insured during shipping. If your candle is damaged in any way the cost of replacement is covered. UPS also gives a tracking number, available to customers on request, that enables you to follow the shipment of the package.

We try to ship toward the beginning of the week, as the candles are heat sensitive. We have never had a problem with candles melting during shipping, but we do this as a precaution.

How Do I Clean the Candle?

The candles can be cleaned of dust using a feather duster or compressed air can.

What is the Best Way to Order a Candle?

The best way to order is by ordering on the web site or email us.

We appreciate our customers!