Candle Burning Instructions

To remove Wick Assembly please grip the plastic cap
as shown in View A.

Fill tube to about 1/4 inch from the top (SEE D) with lamp oil.

Insert wick assembly with glass tube facing upwards (see "A").

and wick inserted into oil-filled tube(see "B").

Wick should be nearly flush with top of glass tube (see "C").

Let wick soak in oil for 30 minutes before lighting.
  To adjust flame height, extinguish flame
and raise or lower wick height
inside glass tube once wick has cooled.
This can be done by moving the fiberglass wick itself
up or down inside the glass tube (SEE C).

Do not move the tube itself, only the wick inside the tube.
Flame height should be kept to about 1/4 inch to prevent
melting top of candle.
Light your candle on top of glass tube ("A") and enjoy!

Warning: Use only candle/lamp oil (liquid paraffin oil)
when burning your candle.
Never use other fuel types! Keep your candle out of reach of children
and pets that could knock it over.
The oil is not sealed in the candle If the candle is tipped it will spill!

Printable (pdf) Burning Instructions